“All about insurance of your valuables.”



At Atlantic Navistar Security and Shipping, we offer our clients a comprehensive insurance policy to cover their valuables. Customers can obtain immediate insurance cover for the contents of their safe deposit box at Atlantic Navistar Security and Shipping for all valuables. Clients should avail of much lower household premiums by storing their valuables with us. Atlantic Navistar Security and Shipping also provides AU$10,000 insurance to all first time box holders (year one only). Each box can be insured up to AU$500,000 at a small additional cost. Higher insurance amounts by request. Please contact us to find out more. Please note that a client does not have to disclose the nature of the items stored in their box at the time of rental. However in the unlikely event of a claim, a client would be required to disclose the nature of the items to which the claim relates. We would recommend that you keep valuation certificates, invoices and/or photographs of the items stored in your box. Please contact us for full insurance terms and conditions.

Insurance Protection

Atlantic Navistar Security and Shipping Company recognizes that true service goes beyond safeguarding your precious valuables, but also to securing your peace of mind.

Complete Confidentiality

Vault and customer details are kept confidential and not made available to any third party agency. We maintain strict privacy policies regarding all our clients.

Real-time Monitoring

With our real-time tracking algorithms you can monitor valuables deposited in our vault and track them in real time when in transit.


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